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Project Management

Project Management

Project Management

Take the pressure off by letting Total Innovation manage your project.

From marketing companies to a new social media company launches we can help project manage any aspect, or the complete project. We have been employed to run full IT installations of a number of large core systems, for example we have completed these projects:

Hoare Lea Intranet
Hoare Lea is the UKs Leading Civil and Electrical engineers with office around the world. The brief was to enable the offices throughout the UK and overseas to communicate more effectively. Our role was to produce the requirements specification for a web based application. Upon acceptance of the specification, We worked closely with the in house IT team to ensure the correct application architecture was in place, and then completed the entire build of the intranet. The final application worked across 10 offices with over 900 seats. In total; over 25,000 articles were published and the intranet was a major source of internal CPD.

TaxiBank - National Taxi Booking System
TaxiBank is the only UK national broker of taxi bookings for business. Our role was to liaise with the IT teams and produce a full feasibility study for a new booking system. On completion and acceptance my role was to create a full, technical requirement specification that would be used by an offshore development team who were building the client server architecture. While development was taking place we also project managed the Graphical User Interface design and production.

St Mellion Flowers - High end eCommerce system
St Mellion flowers had a website to process orders that was very complicated, which put customers off using it . Our role was to develop an ecommerce system that was easy to use with one click checkout that was also fully integrated into their in-house Sage stock inventory and order management system. All payments were taken via HSBC e-payments.

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