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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Total Innovation different from the rest?

Expertise and Knowledge.

It's in our interest to make your project a success, anyone can make a website these days but very few agencies have the full knowledge on how to make it a success when launched.That's where we can help.

We analyse your business as a unique entity then recommend the best way to maximise your business potential.
I have an idea for a great business, can you help?

We are here to help.

Part of our business offering is to help new ideas get to market. We have years of experience launching new companies, ideas and software solutions. Pitch your idea to us and we will give you honest no obligation feedback.
Are you really good at Search engine optimisation?
Yes we are. We always ask you to have a website audit first, this will give a full snapshot of your business and website. There are always simple methods to make a site more optimised but you need to have a complete holist view to fully define your search engine targets. Read more about our Search Engine Optimisation services.
Why should I pay for a website audit?
There are lots of free tools out there that can rate your website, but what you are paying for is our expert knowledge that will look for more than the automated bots can tell you. We use our real world experience to tell you exactly how your website is working.

This is not a pre-sales tool, we are not looking to take over, manage or develop you a new website. We are happy to work with you and your existing agency to make your site better.

The audit covers all elements of website performance, optimisation and usage, read more about website audits.
I only have a small budget. Can you help?
We are always happy to listen to your project needs, then we can discuss your budgets and work out the best way forward.
Do you design and build websites?
Whilst we can design and build websites, our strengths are in optimisation and business development. We only take on design and build projects that we truly believe in and can add value to. One of our key consultancy services is to work with you to create a full specification of requirements then help you to select and appoint the best agency to fulfil the project.
Why do I need support contract?
No you do not need a support contract but we truly recommend it. We charge for our support and knowledge and its worth it. Our support plans offer the best value for money but we offer a per incident support fee.