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Training - Case Studies

Methods of website development and web design with practical learning..

Students: 15, Poland
Length: 10 Day Course
Training Type: Theory and Practical Training.

In June 2016 Total Innovation hosted 15 IT students from Poland on a training course to help develop and improve web development skills through training and practical exercises. The students were given an introduction to the history of website developments and the different tools and development standards available. For example the latest method of HTML5 replaces historic use of Adobe Flash which is no longer supported by mobile devices. The theoretical side of the course covered the following elements:

  • History of website development
  • Current website standards
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) and user interface layout.
  • Content Management Systems
  • Google analytics

After the theoretical elements of the course were explained and presented the students had the practical task for ten days in the creation of a website using the WordPress platform base on a supplied design. The CSS templates were created and google analytics was installed on the developed site. The course proved very successful in introducing students into the web development world and giving them practical knowledge of real life development tools. In addition to running the training course, Total Innovation also arranged the accommodation, logistics and accommodation for the students during their stay in the UK.

Computer Building, Diagnostic and Repair.

Students: 10, UK
Length: 10 Day Course
Training Type: Theory and Practical Training.

A practical course for 10 UK students, aged 16-19 in June 2016, on how Personal Computers are built and the components required to make an integrated stable computer systems. The course started with the theory behind computer building then quickly moved onto practical exercises of selecting the correct components to build a stable PC.

Once the students had understood what is needed to build a PC the role was revered and they were presented with a non-functioning PC which they had to problem solve and fix the issue. The course taught the students not only how to build a reliable personal computer but also how to diagnose and fix hardware issues.

Introduction to social media.

Students: 12, Germany
Length: 10 Day Course
Training Type: Theory and Practical Training.

September 2017 saw Total Innovation host 12 students from German (including managing the accommodation, logistics and local transportation). The course focused on social media use, security and deployment to boost employability.

The students learnt about the four most popular social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and how each tool works and how they can be used to improve career development and employability. After the presentation on the benefits of each channel, the students were given the practical task of either setting up a new social media account or improving the security of their own social media accounts.

Enhancing Microsoft office skills and preparing presentations using PowerPoint.

Students: 25, Poland
Length: 14 Day Course
Training Type: Theory and Practical Training.

This course was designed to introduce a large group of polish students to the Microsoft Office publishing suite. The course combined a large mix of theoretical and practical work. The popularity of the MS suite of tolls has grown largely around the world thus making it an important tool to aid career progression aid employability. The following packages were covered:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

Practical exercises for each software package were undertaken by each student and a final large scale practical exercises was based on the production of a professional company presentation using the software tool Microsoft PowerPoint. The logistics of the project including UK hospitably, accommodation and travel logistics were arranged by Total innovation.

Search Engine optimisation.

Students: 15, Poland
Length: 8 Day Course
Training Type: Theory and Practical Training.

A detailed course for a number of advanced IT students from Poland. The course was aimed at students who are currently involved in vocational training in website development. This course trained the students to optimise the website they have produced and to review existing websites to see how they could be improved. The course lasted 8 days and was a mix of practical and theoretical training. The students undertook a website audit at the end of the training program. A logistics of the project (transpiration, airport travels, and accommodation) we provided by Total innovation.