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The Dock Goes Mobile

The Dock Goes Mobile

The Dock, one of Plymouth leading waterside restaurants has just launched a new dedicated mobile website, designed and built by Total Innovation. While reviewing the statists of the site, as part of the support and development contract we have with The Dock, it became clear that there was a crossover between desktop and mobile users, at this point we reviewed the options of dedicated Vs responsive sites and the dedicated solution was chosen.

All too often the word ‘responsive’ is seen as the only solution for mobile viewing, this is not the case. You need to view the stats to see how users are viewing your site then develop a mobile solution to meet that need, not just opt for the first solution suggested.

The mobile site for The Dock is designed to get information to the users fast, from menus to opening hours.  The statistics will be continually monitored to ensure that the users are getting the most from the website and the site is delivering the correct content to the mobile users.

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